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Darryl Jackson and the Amazing One-Man Band

Darryl Jackson and the Amazing One-Man Band

June 12, 2020

By day he works in the computer learning industry, but by night he puts on his sunglasses, pulls out his instruments, and creates amazing CD-quality music in his studio. He is lead and bass guitarists, lead vocalist and harmonizer, drummer, and keyboardist.  Who would suspect this mild-mannered man to have arisen out of a musical family, to have started his own recording studio, "played Vegas" with a number of later in life devote all his spare time to making music in his own studio, now available only online?  Join me as we visit the talented Darryl Jackson in his recording studio south of Seattle to see what kind of musical chops it takes to create such a wide range of genres: classical, new age, rock, and electronica. A video version of our interview will be available soon on too.  

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