Nordic on Tap

Clothes Stories: A Visit with Fashion Designer Madison Leiren

March 2, 2020

Beyond keeping us warm and preventing public embarrassment, why do we wear clothes?  What does our dress say about us, who and what we are, and where we come from? Join Nordic on Tap for this dive into the world of fashion design with Seattle-based designer, Madison Leiren of Leiren Designs (  We sit down with Madison to discuss her path into fashion design and the influence of her Norwegian heritage and Norwegian culture in what she creates.  Madison talks about how she custom makes unique clothes such as wedding gowns as well as clothing for men. Finally, we talk about Madison’s experience as a designer in the greater Nordic community, especially in Seattle, and mention a few of our favorite haunts.  We conclude the show by listening to excerpts of songs and hymns derived from classic music, highlighting the inspirational hymn derived from Finlandia, the symphony written by Finnish composer Jean Sebelius.

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